Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Thursday, 18th September 2008 a documentary “All Alone and Lonely” was screened in our very own Auditorium which was packed with an eager audience that comprised of Dr. B. Ramjee, Director, Manipal University - Dubai Campus, the faculty and students from various departments. Zealous filmmaker, Ms. Fokiya Akhtar, professor from the Media and communication department researched, scripted and directed initiated the project, “All Alone and Lonely”, a documentary based in Kashmir. It truly does deserve a huge plaudit because in 25-minutes of film; it expresses the hardships experienced by widows and displaced children who are left insecure and helpless because their sole bread winners be their husband, father or brother were killed either due to the suspicion of being an agent or insurgent operations. ‘The subject content was good and heart-rending, although the audio could do better besides that it was truly spell bounding, said Dr. B. Ramjee, Director of Manipal University, I wish a follow-up could be done on the children, as the recent being 2007 in the documentary’ The in-depth documentary revolves around the lives of displaced children in Kashmir. The main aim of this documentary is to create awareness of the number of orphans, which are currently more than hundred thousand only in Kashmir. by Megna Kalvani