Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Over the months that I have been a student of Manipal University Dubai, a whole lot of day scholars have asked me what living in the hostel is like. A few moments are then spent describing to them our daily routine which I usually follow up with some hilarious (at least to me) anecdotes about my roommate or my neighbors. You see, being a member of the hostel is like being a member of the most fun club that one can be a member of. Imagine waking up in the morning to an alarm set by you, even if it means that you don’t get to go to college. Imagine doing your laundry whenever you want. Imagine always having someone in your age group to have a chat with. There are so many perks of being in the hostel that I cannot mention them all. Of course there is a flip side but it is overshadowed by the amount of fun we as a group have on a day to day basis. Let me now elaborate on our routine. As a group we wake up exactly 10 minutes before the bus leaves. We take showers faster than Lewis Hamilton’s pit stops and then climb aboard the bus and fall asleep. Once we are at college we do the same things as the day scholars that are get thrown out of class, fail tests and not submit assignments on time. The difference is that our excuses are so much more imaginative. Examples cannot be mentioned here because you never know when I might miss the submission day on an assignment. Anyhow the day ends and we go back all the way to an unknown part of Sharjah where our building is located and then sleep off a hectic day (where we bunked 3 out of 4 classes). WE start playing football at 5pm and eat dinner by 9pm and then a sit down where most of us recap our day and describe how we took someone’s trip or how the most gorgeous girl in class was looking especially fine today. What makes hostel life an experience is the mix of personalities we have and how we are always there for each other. When I first checked into the hostel I had no idea how to live with a group of guys most of whom I had little or nothing in common with. Now in my second year I wouldn’t trade my life in the hostel for anything in the world and I know ten years down the line these memories of my youth will be the fondest whether I am thinking about Alistan Cruz’s Bose speakers that remain switched on 24/7, Kshitij Betharia’s plans to take over the university and my lovable roommate Nikhil Varsani always being tired and/or sleepy. Our seniors Hafeez, Zia, Faris and Achin describing to us what life is like in Manipal as we stared at them wide eyed. I know these names might not mean much to you but they are an essential part of my world. Thank you Manipal for this opportunity to meet and ebb with the closest friends I ever had. by Amartojit Basu


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