Wednesday, September 24, 2008

'Fashion is not just about the clothes you wear but about the food you eat, places you go and the life you live. We're all trying to be leaders in our own way, everyday; so, fashion is, in fact, trying to make an individual statement by being an individual.'
Sounds inspiring? Well of course, coming from one of the respected faculty at the Fashion Department of Manipal University, Dubai, Kailash Menon. The previous academic year was set on a fire of color and glitz as young fashion designers from Manipal University stole the show, at possibly every event they paraded in and out of. The success of Fashionova, Swarovski Young Designers and Creations to name a few events, has been engraved in the minds of the freshmen of 2008-09 looking forward to paint the world themselves and stand out amongst the rest. The 2nd year students of course, had something to say, being at Manipal University for long enough to part words of wisdom. We caught up with two of them on what their take on Fashion in Manipal was.
“In MAHE, I never saw any misconceptions of or about Fashion. It’s presented in a totally clear manner. I definitely got more than I expected here at MAHE.”-Cherry Modi, 2nd year student, Department of Fashion.
‘Be innovative, work hard, be yourself; because you’ll stand out well only if you are yourself.’-Sana Karim, 2nd year student, Fashion department.
Fashion at Manipal University not only helps you in building a successful career but broadens your vision towards the entire world of fashion… They will be lead on, of course by the professional fashion design faculty and also, some visiting external faculty to make the course more interesting and diverse.
“Fashion is like a train, on which you need to hang on to, grab it while it’s there otherwise, you’ll miss it. To be successful in life is possible, which includes 99% observation. That’s what I want to tell the Freshers.”-Rukmani ,visiting faculty, Fashion department.
Fashion is considered as an individual expression. It has a power to transform an image thus making a social statement.
It’s all about discovering the true you. So let’s unfold the blinds on our eyes and look over heights to see the world change by ‘their’ thoughts.
‘Fashion is not only about glamour and glitz and I hope that the freshmen keep this in mind, you definitely need to be dedicated to achieve success’- Javeria Pasha, H.O.D. of Fashion department.
We at the M.U. Blog team are definitely excited to see the fruitful results as the year catwalks along; we wish all the young fashion heads a very good luck!
by Stacey Victoria Pinto, Muriel Maria D'sa & Richie Datt