Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As the vacations got over and college begun, the excitement of students of Manipal University knew no bounds as each and every one of them wanted to check out the new additions made to their campus.
One such difference which surprised the students was the installation of the CCTV cameras in the library. A place where students used to spend most of the time is now under the constant check of security officials. The thought of being watched the entire time fills some students with agitation or has no effect on some others. As said by Joanna, 2nd year, BBA: “The CCTV’s don’t matter because there has been no change”. Whereas Verton, 2nd year, BBA had a contradictory comment “Since the CCTV’s the library is not as crowded as it used to be. There is silence and people can work in peace. There is reduction of misbehavior”.
The installation of these cameras as pointed out by our librarian, B.Manivel, is not to disrupt privacy but to ensure that the library rules and regulations are properly adhered to by the students of the college, so that the library utilization is at its maximum. For the benefit of the students, library of Manipal university Dubai campus has constantly undergone changes and has been upgraded. From just 375 titles that it had to offer our library has now grown to accommodate more than 10.000 titles inclusive of novels and other reference books for all the courses, Which is quiet noticeable by the students.
As reported, Gurpreet, 3rd year, Interior Design student “Because it is the starting of the semester there has not been much difference. But people do refrain from misbehavior. It is a very good thing that CCTV’s have become a part of the library. Also the books are well maintained”.
The computers have also been into constant up-gradation as and when there is a need for software’s by different courses and management fields.
New books have been added to the Bio Technology section. Books from other departments have also been updated. Plus 600 Engineering tittles have been added. Editions of the course reserves are updated on faculty request.
Dr.Ramjee: “CCTV’s are a measure of security and to avoid unfortunate incidents. CCTV’s have been mainly installed for security reasons as the library is open for late hours”.
by Nafisa.Z & Deepa.N