Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blood Donation Camp set in large scale this year/Blood Donation Camp targets Academic City By Megna Kalvani The Biotechnology Department has organised a blood donation camp on the 28th and 29th October of 2008. A regular endeavour, doctors from Al Wasl Hospital - Dubai will conduct this camp in the auditorium. But this year the Biotechnology department plans to go large scale targeting all establishments in Academic City. For the first time ever, the Blood donation camp will open doors not only to Manipal University, Dubai but also to all colleges and institutions in Academic City. “This year, we are trying to make everyone around us aware about the need of donating blood, as sometimes a life is lost due to lack of blood reserves, said Mrs. Kalyani Ganesh, a professor in Biotechnology department, “This can be easily avoided if an adequate supply of blood at hospitals ensures that the demand is met as and when patients need it, and that is precisely what we are trying to accomplish” Flyers and Postcards have been distributed to all organizations in Academic City, in order to make them aware that such a blood drive is taking place in our campus, Manipal University, Dubai. To ensure an adequate blood supply to meet patient’s needs, it is important that all healthy, eligible people donate blood. Students who want to participate need to bear in mind that their weight must be above 50 kg and they need to eat well prior to the donation. Participants, who have donated previously must also carry their blood donation card along with them and those who are donating blood for the first time will receive it after the donation. Remember “ Drops of blood will bring life back into someone else ” Details: Date: 28th – 29th October 2008 Venue: Auditorium, Manipal University, Dubai-Block 7Time: 8:30 am – 2:30 pm