Wednesday, October 29, 2008

By Disha and Arisha
A three day workshop for news production was held for the media students specializing in television production by Ms. Ranimol. T. A. She has been in the industry since 11 years working first for television and then switching to radio. She has worked for NDTV for 8 years and was the production head with Times for a year. Shifting her focus to radio, she began to work with Radio Big in India and currently hosts the Morning Show for Radio 4.
The workshop was more like a one to one interaction in which the students sat and discussed all the details of news production. Every step right from gathering the news to the execution was explained to the students. She taught the students how to shoot a show for the campus. The entire process involved writing skills, production techniques, foresight, scripting, editing, anchoring as well as conversing with people and teaching them to visualize a story. She asked them to pay particular attention to foresight as that is what would help them the most in building a successful career. Her main goal as she said was to “give them the best mixture (of theory and practice) which is usually not taught.” She also stated that one has to comprehend the way every equipment works and they need to know his or her job extremely well to make it to the top as “no one is going to hold your hand out there.” Her advise helped the students immensely. As Japinder Kaur, a student, said, “Attending this workshop has given me an insight into the practical world of television journalism which was of course a different experience from the theoretical college books. Just three days of this workshop has given me an entire gist of the working of television news channels. All thanks to the professional attitude of Ms. Rani.” The students learnt how deal with the nuances of shooting indoors and outdoors as well. Ms. Ranimol explained that “when a show is taken outside the realms of a studio, the language gets less formatted.”
The last element of the workshop, after drafting out the final script, was to shoot the show. The students plan to continue this show on a weekly basis and it is quite evident that the workshop did turn out to be quite fruitful. According to another student, Anandha Kumar, “Right on the first day of the workshop, we guys decided upon the stories to do, made a run order and we felt like a real channel! Ms. Rani has been actually very smart, she put pressure on us to complete the work today itself. So we had to work not only really quickly, we also had a target to aim towards. Thus we ended up doing not only hard work but also smart work. Not only did Rani share with us some really good information on how to do things in the easiest and most efficient way but also, trust me , her enthusiasm is very infectious! We are now looking forward to seeing these news clips on the blog and hope to bring out news stories on a weekly basis!”