Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Fashion Department has always been one of the most happening departments at the Manipal University, Dubai. Is it because of the constant, ongoing events and immense participation? Or, is it because of the dazzling creativity that decorates the corridors? We at the Manipal blog would proudly like to say both! Because all of this is a result of the initiation and the ideas of our aspiring fashion heads. Being knee deep into the academic year of 2008-2009, we're already surrounded by the mad excitement and determination that fills the freshmen. Yes, they are the new faces behind juicy couture and vintage clothing, the better dressed future…So let's ask them, what it’s been like and why they’re here in the first place. We caught up with two friends-Richa Kikla and Disha Dhairyavan, first year students of Fashion Design and Technology at Manipal University, Dubai and asked them all kinds of stuff we'd love to know.
Why fashion at Manipal University? Richa: I chose Manipal University, because through word of mouth, I heard they were really good. Another reason was that other fashion colleges in the area were pretty expensive, but if M.U hosted a huge event such as Fashionnova, then I thought, why not give it a try? Disha: Well, I joined Manipal University because I felt it was very popular for its fashion course and the training offered to students, was really professional. What had the first couple of weeks held for you? Was it how you had expected it to be? Richa: The first two weeks here, were really good. However, they were really hectic but I'm pulling along with it… Disha: (laughs) I was really confused in the first two weeks. But it was all better than I had expected, tiring but fun at the same time. What do you think about the faculty here at Manipal University? Richa: The faculty here are really, really sweet. That's what makes them easy to communicate with. And, they're talented…which makes it even better. Disha: I agree with Richa. They're very friendly. What do you hope to achieve after these three years? Richa: What I hope to achieve in these three years is basically to display my own creation and imagination in various ways and hope the best comes out of it. And then, I'll see what happens from there. Disha: To become a successful fashion designer and design clothes for Hrithik Roshan (laughs). story filed by Stacey Victoria Pinto.