Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fashion is all about you, who would know this better than the students of the fashion department of Manipal University Dubai, who rather broke the myth of constant minds that say,
Fashion is all about hot and sassy models, but in real sense fashion is about identifying the inner beauty within oneself.Fashion is just not restricted to skinny dolls, but a string of self confidence for every individual.The fun bazaar hosted by Deira Sheraton and sponsored by New Medical Centre hospital, and in association with Manipal University, Dubai to support the cause of Special Needs Family children development centre.
The event took place on Friday 7th November 2008, from 10 am to 10 pm. The event organized, was further supported by reputed brands like 101.6 City Fm, Danube, Awarel along with print partner Isra and Zee real media.
Well the event turned out to be a great success not only did it raise funds for the SNF (Special need Family Children) but the event came about with a number of varieties from games to competition, from magic shows to bargain stalls. The event was well organized, Glenn Perry(a famous musicians) was a great surprise package of the day that came with a feet tapping music.But how could the show just wind up, without the students of Manipal University, having their models walk the walk of glamour. The students of Manipal University did a magnificent job, they bought about a wide variety in their creativity, thus adding to the spicy flavor of Fashion.
Well I’m certainly not talking of those long sleek evening gowns or cleavage revealing outfits, that would normally be flashed at any fashion show. The creativity bought out by the fresh minds was categorized in several sub categories and judged by well known personalities of Dubai.
The category layout for the fashion event, was as follows-
  • The theme of the first sequence After hours- the inspiration for this segment came about from the intriguing mysteriousness of what we call the ‘Night” which lends mystery as well as enigma.
  • The second theme Royal Splendor –This conceptual inspiration was a strong bond of natural elements that was interpreted in the designs of the Abayas and Kandouras.
  • The third theme Grunge- this inspiration happens to reveal out of highly stressed minds, this collection incorporated elements of punk, rock and funky street fashion, very stylistically was it put together with bold sillioutes and designs.
  • The fourth sequence designed by the 2nd year students- Each student had their own inspiration, the work bought out through this collection pulled minds through the lanes of the Indian embroidered kachi work, and a new renewed westernized look and modern silhouettes, adding to this east-west combo were the oriental prints with Sudani drapes.
  • The fifth collection themed as confusion- this collection wasn’t based on confusion but on a simple concept of how the world through the eyes of dyslexia would look like… a suited example to the above theme would be the movie Tare Zameen Par. A collection born from confused minds which is more open than we have ever imagined. Confusion never seemed so beautiful.
  • The sixth collection were designed by the first years, who came up with the most innovative idea , they dedicated this theme for all the pirate lovers, a dreamful sequence that showed pirates of the chocolate factory.
The collections showcased during the fun bazaar created an all together different level of thinking and standard for its ownself.The garments that were showcased were mainly by the 1st and 2nd year graduates of Manipal university under the choreography of Mr. Kailash Menon and under keen supervision of the department chair Ms Javeria Pasha.
The event wound up with proud heads of young talent of thee upcoming fashion designers of the Manipal University. With the best designer award going off to the first year graduates for the theme Pirates of the chocolate factory and the winners were Rahila Nasr Ahmed, Stacey Sandre, Ashwathi , Divya.
The Grunge theme won Miss Zoya Khan the best designer award adding to the trophy list were the best female model going to Farzana (media third year) and the best female catwalk going out to Mittal(fashion second year).
The event pulled off was a sure shot success, in putting up smiles thus creating a statement that Fashion is comfort, a reflection of ones self.