Thursday, November 20, 2008

The annual Math’s quiz for the BBA Department was quiz was held on Thursday, 30th October. The first round was a pass on round and 20 marks were awarded for every right question. The second round was called, What’s the next number? This was also a pass on round.
There was a question at the end of the round for the audience and the faculty members. Dr. Ashwin was awarded a token for answering the question. The scores after the second round were: Team A- 35, Team B- 35, Team C- 10, Team D- 40, Team E- 10, Team F- 10, Team G- 15. The groups eliminated after the second round were Team E and Team F.
Round 3 was the semi final round called, Get that shape right. Each team was given 1 minute to answer the question. 10 marks were awarded for the right answer. In case the question was passed 5 bonus points were awarded to the team answering the question and there was no negative marking.
Round 4 was called, Let the expert’s choose. It was a pass round to the audience. The team answering the question right was awarded 10 points. Scores after the round were: Team A- 35, Team B- 50, Team C- 15, Team D- 60, Team G- 30. The group eliminated after the round was Team C.
Round 5 was the Final Round called, It’s the finals-Personality Round who’s who. Each group was given a minute’s time to answer the question, 20 marks were awarded on the 1st clue and 10 marks on the 2nd clue.
Round 6 was a rapid fire round called, Speed Matters. Each team was given 10 questions which were to be answered in 75 seconds. 20 marks were awarded for each right question and there was no negative marking.
The final scores of the event were: Team A- 75, Team B- 74, Team D- 92, Team G- 38. The winners were Team D- Manish and Ashish of the Engineering Department. The runners up were Team A- Japinder and Anandha of the Media Department.
Anandha of the media department said, “It feels great that even after not studying maths in a long time we gave it a shot and here we are the runners up”.
The event was well organized and the audience was very much interested and active in the quiz.