Monday, February 23, 2009

Smiles had taken over the Manipal University, with life-sized ‘smileys’ parading in the college corridors, smiley badges hooked on to students’ uniforms and bags and grins turned in to bright smiles. Still wondering over the invasion of the campus by the unknown smileys? Worry not! For the ‘chirpy smiles’ were all a part of a campaign for the event ‘Smile On’ organised by the final year students of the Department of Media and Communications, specialising in Advertising and Public Relations. ‘Smile On’ was orchestrated in an attempt to bring what-lies-under-your-nose-yet-forgotten, back to its original place. If one was to step in to the college auditorium (the place where the event was organised) and walked into a ‘happy’ world of smiles he or she would, immediately, upon entering, shed the ‘coat of sorrows’ behind. The potpourri of exhibits included a display of funny quotes and tongue twisters called ‘Smile your way’, a wall of celebrity smiles for you to guess and ‘Look Who’s smiling’. Competitions were also included: ‘Laughter King and Queen’, ‘The Best smile’ and ‘Laughter punch’ – for standup comedy. (Results are to be declared soon, so hold the butterflies in your stomach and keep your fingers crossed!) The mascots walked in the corridors as part of publicising the event, with guests being welcomed into the auditorium with a ‘smile’ stamped on their hand. A short video, ‘Scratch your head’ was also shown consisting of clips with voxpop of students on campus, just to make you smile! The day concluded with the event giving every a reason to smile. Therefore, Smile On, it was… - by Fatima Hussain