Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Sunday, the 22nd of February 2009, the students of Advertising and Public Relations from the Department of Media and Communications organized and co-ordinate the event Smile On. The affair was a huge success…but have you wondered about the amount of work that went into the event? Sakina Zoher, a member of the event’s Core Team, talks about the behind the scenes happenings during the eleven days that led up to the event. “Eleven days, and around 30 students to make it happen…all I can say is that it was all thanks to team work,” says Sakina. It was held on a Sunday so that the happy and positive spirit of the campaign could continue for the rest of the week too. This ingenious concept was the brainchild of the faculty in-charge Ms. Shubha. It was developed in class on the third day of college, during a discussion, and various names like “Smiley Day” and “Mission Smile” were being suggested. By afternoon the class had reached a unanimous decision to call it “Smile On”. It had taken them one week to finalize on the ideas and the promotional tactics to be employed for the event. Next, began the flurry of purchases that involved tedious trips to Dragon Mart to purchase the sole source of revenue for the event – the smiley badges. Sold about 4 - 5 days prior to the event, the smiley badges were a craze among the students of Manipal University, Dubai and created anticipation for the upcoming event. And what do you think the theme colour for the event was? You got it… Yellow! “Yellow is the colour for happiness and joy, and that’s why we chose yellow over other colours." On the day of the event, the dress code chosen was a black shirt and blue jeans. “A smiley usually consists of the colours yellow and black. That’s why we chose black t-shirt and blue jeans, these being things that could be found in everyone’s wardrobe. To add to it, a yellow ribbon was worn about the neck, and a smiley was used to pin the ends together.” “For eleven days it was all hard work, long days and innumerable ideas that kept pouring in till the last minute! We had a lot of fun too…especially the painting, cutting out and drawing of smileys.” There were two team members, Khushi Rawat and Poorti Khiara, who volunteered to be the smiley mascots. Present on the day of the event, they dressed like two bright yellow walking smiley's and helped bring a smile to everyone's face. The event objective, hence achieved. So what’s next in the pipeline? “Now, that you’ll have to wait and watch...we’ll have something new planned soon.” Watch this space for more news on upcoming events… - by Saira Kasim