Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On 2nd March, The Department of the Business Administration had their second day of the Management Event. Mr. Jaideep Sathe, Head of HR ENSHAA Psc, U.A.E was present to lecture the students on how to make good Cover Letters and Resumes. The lecture included a detailed explanation on the Tools and Techniques to look for jobs, How to draft good Cover Letters – why is it needed and how does one structure them. It also included a detailed explanation on the different types of resumes, how to structure them, some useful tips to keep in mind while making a Resume and how Resumes reflect ones personality. The lecture was interactive as Mr. Sathe kept asking the students to share their experiences and their perspective about writing Resumes and drafting Cover Letters. He encouraged the students work harder in order to apply to their dream companies. At the end of the lecture he made sure the students benefited out of it by again asking the students about what extra knowledge they gained out of the two and a half hour session. The lecture was successful as it helped the graduating students to make their resumes more presentable as they soon will be stepping out into the industry.

- Meesha Kapoor Stills by Sambhram Mohanty