Sunday, March 15, 2009

In this vast and varied society exists a side which may have heard about – Human trafficking and women abuse. Taking a step to help women who have been victims to such social evils is the United Hopes Organization. Founded in the year 1991, by Ms. Sharlin Musabihs, United Hopes has helped over thousands of women in the U.A.E. In conversation with Ms. Jamila Rubio, we get to know more about United Hopes. Ms. Jamila Rubio is the Assistant to the Founder who looks after the women, their shelter, the volunteers and arranges meetings. The interview was conducted on the women’s day celebration at Manipal University, Dubai when Ms. Jamila Rubio and Mr. Baasel Sharifah were present at the Campus to speak about United Hopes.
How did you organization begin? The organization began in 1991 when we found women who went through any sort of abuse until we established a shelter for them.
How do the women who are victims of social abuse approach you? Most of them approach us through the consulates, embassies - Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan, the police and the CID also bring them.
In what state do you find the women when they come to you? When the women approach us they are scared as they have been hurt physically, depressed and shattered after what they have been through. Some are not even aware of what they have to do in the future.
How do you help these women overcome their emotions? We provide them with support, counseling for those who have given up hope, shelter and food. We also take care of their children, we accept the women with their children.
Once they are out of the trauma do you help them find job, or give them training in stitching that can help them get some earning in the future? Yes, we do provide them with part time jobs, some take up jobs as house maids or telesales jobs.
Do you take any action against those who ill-treat women? We just inform the police about them and they carry on with the further investigation.
Who are the kind of sponsors you get to take care of these women and children? Some of our sponsors are Harley Davidson, Body Shop, Emaar, some volunteers and many others.
Do you have any exhibitions or fund raising programs? As of now we do not have, we are planning to prepare one and it will be soon, where we will be displaying the stitching work that the women have done while in the NGO. We will soon be having the Blue Heart Campaign to raise awareness
- Meesha Kapoor