Tuesday, March 31, 2009

pottery workshop : advanced level
The two days of the advanced pottery training workshop demonstrated the hidden artistic talents of the students of Interior Design (ID) Department. The students decorated their works by painting and glazing it and also learned how to work on a wheel.

a uniquely hand crafted design being created

The students started the day by painting the crafts they created during the beginner’s pottery workshop. The diverse clay work of each individual in various shapes and sizes were being painted in unusual colors. The clay work was then kept in a kiln for glazing and baking it.

giving finishing touches
intricate finishing
Mr. Sandeep Manchekar, an artist and a potter, had come to share his expertise with the students. He taught the students the art of pottery on a wheel. The smoothness with which he molded a simple lump of clay into a beautiful pot animated the students. He personally sat with each student to teach them how to hold, pinch and work with the clay on the wheel.
a lump of clay moulds into a beautiful pot
small pots being moulded
Even though their hands were dirty and it was laborious to work with the clay, the students were happy to learn and create something new. The shelves were filled with their clay works. The second day ended with the certificate programs where the participated students were awarded with a certificate each.
- Heena G