Sunday, May 10, 2009

Technologic 2009 was back with brand new ideas and technology innovations from the students of department of ISM. The overall event was organized by Ms. Sophia Rahaman, senior lecturer of the department of ISM. The department invited everyone to participate in Technologic 2009 by hosting various competitions. On May 6th, the auditorium was full, with students all set to present their creations to the faculty and impress the judges and visiting students. There was one Technical Quiz and two competitions held on the first day for the university students which were - Software Project Competition (SPC 2009) and Movie Making Competition. Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated awesomely simple, that’s creativity. The software project competition among students was to make things simpler combining their innovative ideas & technology based concepts. The Technical Quiz had 13 teams participating from three universities. The first and second prize both went to the students of Manipal University. Nine software projects from four universities were demonstrated to the audience and a panel of five judges. All the judges were from industry and had specially come to test the new talents. The first prize was won by the students of Manipal University for their exclusive ‘Multi-touch Display Project’. The second prize was awarded to the students of University of Wollongong Dubai for their ‘Hearophone Project’. The universities which participated in the competitions were – University of Wollongong Dubai, Abu Dhabi University and Ajman University. The third and final competition was sponsored by the Emirates Driving Institute. The Movie Making competition had four teams, two from the department of ISM and two from the department of Media and Communications of Manipal University. both the teams of the department of Media and Communications triumphed in this competition. In addition to all the action, there was a keynote speech on “IT Careers in UAE – Industry requirements” by Mr.Mohammed, CEO of Sphere Networks, enlightening the students on the present scenario of careers in the field IT. Raza Iqbal, final year student of Manipal University and also Chairman of IEEE Student Branch at Manipal gave a presentation on IEEE to the audience. The event was sponsored by E-Max, Emirates Driving Institute, West Zone Supermarket, Royal Kebab Restaurant, Lays, Alokozay Tea and Bullet energy drink. The second day has more quizzes and competitions lined up for not only university students but also for schools. The IT department is going GREEN with the Green IT banner competition and Green IT DIAC Walk with green t-shirts and banners.
- Posted by Heena Soni