Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Art Garden- Handmade artifacts showcased. Student works on the stick on competition after applying her heena design
Student indulged in Wall painting.
More Handmade artifacts.
Finalists for claymodelling competition working on their masterpieces.
In the midst of an eventful week, the Foundation students have graciously triumphed in carving their own niche by hosting their annual event showcasing their individualistic talents.
On 13th May 2009, fifty-six fervent students from the foundation course have put together, ‘The Cloisters-The Art Garden’ truly a grand marquis of their artistic efforts. On the first floor, the otherwise normal classrooms were transformed into a platform for students exhibiting their artistic and creative talents ranging from Clay modeling, candle craving, Heena-designing, glass painting, mirror and mosaic works, embroidery, T-shirt printing, photography and individual portfolios of art. ‘I must add that, all these artifacts have been carefully, strenuously hand-made by us especially for this exhibit.’ said Miss Riddhi Shah, Foundation student.
The exhibit was divided into four forms of art; English, Egyptian, Roman and Ethnic. Other attractions included wall-painting, spot-on make up sessions, Heena designing and live embroidery.
Stupendous, marvelous, the students have clearly outdone themselves with their sheer hard work and zealous efforts making this event a success, said Mrs. Zakiya Ansari, core faculty of Foundation. The response has been massive, ever since the doors have opened since 8 am the crowds have been continuously pouring in, she added.
The event was accompanied by intriguing competitions like Clay modeling, Paint ball, Stick-on engaging faculty and students from various departments from Manipal University, Dubai.
The emerging winners for the various competitions are listed below:
Clay Modelling: Miss Amina Nuvlanizar and Miss Judy Sebastian . Paintball: Dr.Aftab Haider Rizvi , Mr. Vishwesh, Ms. Tamea and Ms.Sophia Stick-on: Miss Lekshmi Shreekumar, Miss Manisha Lakhpaki.
Additionally, with the aid of sponsors, that list Premdas Printing press, Rani and Apsara Supermarket the event totaled to be an eventual success, leaving their king-size Comment Board overflowing with nothing but gracious comments.
- Posted by Megna Kalvani
Photo credits: Sambhram Pattanayak