Monday, June 1, 2009

On 19th May, the Second year students of the Department of Media and Communication organized a farewell for the Senior Students. The theme being a masquerade party, the girls looked elegant on their gowns and dresses and the boys looked dignified in their blazers.
The event began with an inspirational poetry written by Dr. Firoz, the Head of the Department. It included a dance performance by the second years, group singing by the first years and a band performance by the Manipal Band.
One memory for all the students to take back home was the special video prepared by the second years which consisted of what the seniors had done over the years and special messages from the faculty.
The d├ęcor was done in a manner that the auditorium appeared like a ball room and people enjoyed themselves dancing to the Desi music and all the students rocking the dance floor.
Posted by Meesha Kapoor