Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three years of college life that involve meeting deadlines, surviving nerve wracking exams, attending lectures, finding time to spend with friends and sifting through the drama that accompanies all this is a cake walk, considering it’s the next phase that’s the scary part.

After attending an endless number of interviews, waiting by the phone for a call back is the least our seniors can hope for. This is because unfortunately for them, The recession reared it's ugly head just around the time students were graduating.

However some of the luckier ones got more than what they wished for.It’s been said that reputable companies are desperately looking to employ fresh faces in hopes that fresh ideas will be brought to the table.
Neville D’Souza, a graduate of the Media department says,” Tripod Media instantly employed me as a Production Executive and paid me much more than I'd expected, in fact I even bought a brand new car.”

Pooja Dilip, Neville's batchmate, struck gold as well. “I went for an interview with Cyclops Communication and got a job as an Events Manager,” she says excitedly.

Niki Lalwani, a BBA graduate, says ” As soon as my visa formalities are completed I’m starting work as a Retail Sales Executive for DU Telecommunication."

However some of our Manipal University graduates are facing a harsher reality. “The job situation is not good at all, finding opportunities has become increasingly difficult.” says Andrea, who recently passed out from the fashion department. "Keeping up to date with fashion trends and creating new designs is the only way to kill time.”

Ahmed, a former BBA student says,” I have applied for jobs and am just hoping for an interview.”

Still others have decided that furthers studies is a more prudent option in these lean times. Quite a few of our graduates are applying for their masters in their respected fields. Aakansha Singh, an ex-student of Media and Communications says ”I have applied for a Masters degree in Australia. My course starts in February, so until then I’m just going to travel around quite a bit.”

Whatever the case may be, I state in no uncertain terms that success is most certainly on the cards for our seniors, as long as they keep in mind that patience is the best way to play this game.

by Sonya Mathias