Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The students of DIAC, especially the connoisseurs of food heaved a collective sigh of relief when the new food court was opened eight months ago. Business for these food chains was booming as students relished the different cuisines available at the new hangout spot. However, during the month of Ramadan, business is bleak for the food outlets.
For starters let’s consider “Baguette”, the famous fast food chain that prior to Ramadan attracted a lot of students who wished to savor some Italian and American fare.
“During Ramadan the number of food lovers has drastically gone down due to Muslim students fasting and the Italian-American menu is not helping much to heighten our sales as we get very few European customers” says Mr. Fahad, supervisor of “Baguette Café”.
The onset of the religious month has brought about a major decrease in sales. Whereas on an overall comparison the Indian food chain “Bombay Chowpati” happens to be the favorite hot stop for Asian cultured students.
“8 months ago the sales were soaring high but gradually it decreased due to the competitors which provide variety of foods for students. Every day the average earning amount was 6000-7000 Dhs per month but now it has decreased to 2000 Dhs during Ramadan as most of our customers are Muslim students” was what Mr. Mehmood, the supervisor of Bombay Chowpatty had to say.
These food outlets now eagerly await to welcome the students back, hoping to ride out the depression in sales and wish to see their business back on track.
Posted By Unzeela