Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It’s the beginning of another academic year and the first books have been issued from the library.

One of our reporters interviewed the librarian, Mr.B.Manivel, to ask him about the additions and the changes which have been made to the library for the following academic year.

  1. During the vacations, were there any particular plans in mind for the library? What changes have come in effect after the vacations?

Absolutely. Every vacation a lot of planning goes into managing the library & a lot of preparation is done in order to make further additions to the library. We ensure that the student’s project thesis are moved and stacked. The periodicals are also accumulated and bound.

  1. How many books have been added to the library shelves this year?

Around 400 – 500 books have been added this year. A lot of new academic titles have been added to the existing collection. All the textbooks are available for reference. Also, about 100 classic titles have been added in the literature section.

  1. Have there been any additions in the video library?

Yes. A large collection of academy award nominated films has been added to the collection.

  1. Has the online library been updated?

A lot of bibliographic information is up to date on the website. Also there is a demand for the previous year student’s project thesis and the question answer bank. We are working towards uploading and updating the content shortly. The content will go through plagiarism check software. Meanwhile, the students can feel free to browse through the site, in order to access the e-resources.

  1. It’s been a year since the CCTV’s have been installed? Have they been helpful?

Yes, they have been very helpful. Before the CCTV’s there were some unfortunate incidents such as stealing but since they have been installed such activities have been nil.

  1. Are there going to be any new additions to the library in the future?

We are striving to make the most of our digital library. We are also trying to get permission to access certain online databases which would allow us get access to archives and other text resources.

The vision of the library is to support the Manipal Dubai Campus to build an information center and to facilitate access to information resources of all kinds as well as provide inventive, open, and useful services to meet the changing needs of the university.