Thursday, September 10, 2009

As the Student Services Officer for Manipal University Dubai, Mrs. Uma Prasad takes some time out to welcome the freshmen, proffer advice to returning students and talk about the very important DIAC Code of Conduct.

Mrs. Uma Prasad’s Welcome Message

Dear Students
A new year beckons with fresh new opportunities and challenges and I hope that once again all the students of Manipal Unversity will deal with these hurdles as they have done in the past..with a cheerful smile and a skip in their step. I’m glad to see the campus back to life after what was a long and hopefully fruitful summer for all the students. Let us make this a year to remember by aiming for the pinnacle of academic excellence and win as many trophies as we possibly can. I would also like to welcome the freshmen by reminding them to always strive for the best.

Excerpts from the interview:
Q. Thank you so much for taking some time off your busy schedule to talk to us Ma’am. What are your first impressions of this New Year?
Not at all. Talking to my favorite students is always a pleasure. Well the first thing I noticed was the fresh and eager faces of the freshmen. It always delights me to see the exuberance of youth and eager minds that thirst for knowledge. We have an excellent turnout this year despite all the fears of the recession affecting the intake of academic institutions in the UAE. On the whole its been a more than satisfying turnout and this year we hope to overcome fresh new challenges as for the first time we have Engineering seniors and the largest overall student population since this university began.
Q. There appear to be quite a few changes on campus this year from the helpful new signposts to the DIAC Recreation Room. Which changes excite you the most?
Even though all the changes have made campus life so much easier I would have to say that the Recreation room is easily the most important addition to the Academic city. The students need their downtime as well as a place to organize events. The Recreation Room otherwise known as the Student hub will provide an opportunity for all the students from different universities to interact, socialize and organize such events and proceedings. Social interaction between groups that would normally never find an area to harmonize will most obviously result in a broader cultural understanding which will enrich what is otherwise a mundane academic existence.
Q. The DIAC Code of Conduct is another substantial talking point. Have any amendments been made to it and is there something new the students should look out for?
No changes have been made to the Code of Conduct this year. It will be implemented the same way as it was in the previous academic year. I would request all students especially the freshmen, to read up on the code of conduct. Copies have been made and put up on all the bulletin boards around the university and strict disciplinary actions as well as severe penalties await those who fail to abide by the rules set forth in this document. That being said students must remember these rules have been established for their own safety and well being.
Q. Lastly Ma’am would you like to say anything about the upcoming semester?
This will definitely be an exciting semester as we have many activities planned after the holy month of Ramadan. I hope every student is as involved as possible in both the academic and extracurricular sphere of university life and I’d like to wish each and every student all the very best for the year ahead!

Posted by Amartojit Basu