Sunday, October 11, 2009

Public speaking and debates lend a podium for fresh viewpoints and useful opinions, hopefully which will bring about some change. It was probably with this intention in mind that Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) started the initiative of debates involving GCC students on two levels i.e. school and college. There are two languages allowed for the debate i.e. English and Arabic. The debate will consist of a panel of four judges with the finals taking place on 18th and 19th of November. The auditions took place at MAHE auditorium on 1st of October. Mrs. Uma Prasad, the Student Services Officer was present as a judge during the auditions. Here is an interview from her:

Q How were the auditions?

The number of students who turned up was better than most years. Also, the pieces which were read out were good.

Q. What are you looking forwards to the most?

First of all, I am very confident due to the high response. The team is good and we are certainly looking forward to winning more laurels for the college.

This is an interview with Hemal Vaya, the lead speaker of the Manipal Team. Hemal says she is truly passionate about debating. Just the kind of attitude we’d expect from our lead speaker.

Q. How does it feel to be representing Manipal University this year?

It’s always a pleasure and honor representing your university for such a competition. But at the same time it can really be nerve wrecking during the last few days. I am hoping I live up to the expectations bestowed upon me, because this competition is all about representing your entire team.

Q. What are your responsibilities as a Team Speaker?

As the speaker representing the team, I have to put across our view point in a detailed speech along with a visual presentation for 12 minutes. According to our topic this year Ecology v/s Economy, we are aiming at reaching out to the youth. This competition is an extremely important platform to stage Environment Awareness Ideas to the youth.

We also spoke to Ritesh Matlani, a second year media student and a member of Hemal’s debate team.

Q. What viewpoints are you hoping to bring forth and what are you striving to gain?

We are striving towards achieving a balanced eco system. Individually we can do our bit through daily activities. We are aiming for the well being of the environment and frankly speaking if out actions save the environment it will be useful for the economy. This includes water, forests, wildlife and raw materials.

Ritesh also excitedly informed us that his team would like to start activities around the college over a span of next two months. These will be activities on a small scale which will take place to highlight the importance of environment to everybody. He said ‘We would need the entire college to support us in bringing our mission forth. The team plans on highlighting the importance on these issues’. Here’s wishing them all the best in their noble endeavors. Here’s hoping Manipal University once again covets the title for the ninth edition of the EEG debate.
by Shravani Chatterjee