Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mathematika ‘09 took off with a preliminary round on the 27th of October, 2009. A huge turnout of 50 teams, each having two members, crowded the auditorium. They were divided into seven engineering and 43 non-engineering teams, all of who had brushed up on their math for the quiz.

50 teams crowded the place as they fought hard to do the math
(Photo Credits: Stacey Pinto)

Starting at 11.45am, the quiz continued for 45 minutes, with a minute intended for each question. Only the engineering students had a set of six complex questions, to defy their higher intellect of the subject.
You say it’s biased, they say bring on the challenge!

“It was so easy. The complex questions were a piece of cake, they didn’t even match our definition of ‘difficult’,” shrugged Nahim, a student of the Engineering Department. Denver, his partner, adds confidently, “It was like 10th grade math.”

Faculty from Management Studies were present and engrossed as much as the students
(Photo Credits: Stacey Pinto)

As soon as the clock started, the room was engulfed in an atmosphere of intense competitive murmurs. Ms. Seena Biju from the Department of Management Studies and organizer of the event said, “I’d assume kids would scare away form a math quiz, but to have such an overwhelming response, makes me so happy. Can you feel the heat in the room?” The tension and the nervousness could definitely be felt by anyone present in the room.

Mrs. Uma Prasad and Ms. Seema wait in anticipation
 (Photo Credits: Stacey Pinto)

 Mrs. Uma Prasad, the Student Services Officer said, “Initially I dreaded the outcome of this Math quiz. However the reaction seems very positive. I’m surprised.”

Many teams were happy with their performance. Half an hour into the quiz, Akhil Madan and Mir Hassan from BBA proudly announced that they had completed it. They said unanimously, ‘It was easy.’ Another team, that of Rokiya (BSc) and Rinsa (ISM), loved the Quiz. “It was good. We can’t wait for the result,” said Sarah and Sharon, an excited team from the BBA department.

Akhil and Mir, from BBA- Confident as they were done in just half an hour!
(Photo Credits: Stacey Pinto)

As soon as the warning for the last five minutes of the quiz was announced, the panic and hysteria rose. There were some who dreaded the quiz. Not so happy was Rachna form BBA. “I didn’t know a thing, and it was tougher than I thought it would be,” she said.

Reviving the math memory
(Photo Credits: Stacey Pinto)

Judging by the feedback, the quiz was certainly attempted by the students to face their fears since the non-engineering students were much higher than those pursuing the subject.

The end of the prelims
(Photo Credits: Stacey Pinto)

At the end of the day, only seven of the 50 teams could make it to the finals and the results are finally out.
The five lucky teams from Non-Engineering group are:

Nelly Mistry and Heena (BBA)
Aliya (BSC) and Salwa (ISM)
Akhil Madan and Mir Hassan (BBA)
Joshua (BSC) and Rahul (ISM)
Rohit and Guru (BBA)

The two teams from the Engineering department are:
Richa and Guru
Sameer and Zanaib

The final Math Quiz is set for Thursday, the 29th of October.
Until then, keep your calculators ready and your fingers crossed.

By Sonya Mathias