Sunday, October 11, 2009

MATHEMATIKA- THE MATH QUIZ is coming back with a bang this October.

Last year an overwhelming sixty-eight teams showed up from which a selection of seven was made. Being the runners up the Media Department grudgingly handed over the trophy to the proud engineering geniuses.

However being a huge hit, everything is being set up to rack your brains again.
The quiz will be held at the auditorium in the end of October. It is designed to be more of a quantitative aptitude test. Based on the fundamentals of math it will comprise of high school and + 2 math.

Every student in Manipal University is invited to participate, rather dared, to be judged whether your math memory is still inbuilt. The invitation is also open to the staff but it’s more informal.

Get your confidence and competiveness with you as the engineering students are all prepared to grab the trophy again.

By Sonya Mathias