Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Manipal put on a commendable performance when they beat Middlesex University in a cricket match for the Pride Cup ’09. This latest victory ensures them a place in the semi-finals of the tournament against Preston University. We had previously won all the matches in our group against Canadian University and IITM.

In the match against Middlesex University, we batted first, posting a solid score of 165 all out in 20 overs, owing the match winning performance to Glickson who scored an exquisite 71 off 55 balls. The opposing bowling team attacked fiercely at our batsmen but swiftly, the momentum shifted in our favour and our batsmen drove home the advantage.

Middlesex came out to bat under a reasonable amount of pressure. They were struggling from the word go and eventually crumbled under pressure in the 17th over for a 91 all out. There were a few glimmers of hope for them during the innings but unfortunately, they kept losing wickets at regular intervals and seemed unable to change gears.

Manipal University has been dominant throughout the tournament and has won against all three teams in their group by large margins. We wish the team good luck and hope they continue sailing us towards victory.

 By Jeraz Pastakia