Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Each year ethnic day is celebrated in Manipal University as a way of expressing our ethnicity and to remember our roots while away from home. This year ethnic day was enhanced by a ‘Rangoli Competition’ that had been organized on 15th October, 2009. The crown was taken by the Fashion department as Ms Javeria Pasha, Head of Fashion Design said in a pompous manner ‘I knew we were going to win’. This was mainly down to their creativity as she also added, ‘It’s about ingenuity and knowing the composition of elements in a design’. Their 89 points, which was enough to beat the Interior design team who finished second by only one point, lay in the use of a prop which was dressed in a heavy Choli with a Dupatta wrapped around her waist and hands raised so as to hold diyas to commemorate the festival of diwali. Although the diyas were never lit in fear of a fire!

Adina from Interior Design was highly appreciative of the competition and said, “It feels nice to get back to our roots, especially on a day like this which is auspicious for us.”
The raw materials involved not just synthetic colours , but also the use of natural grains of various colours (used by the Information Systems Management branch mainly to make their Ganesha) and flower petals such as marigold used by the Biotech department.

The theme of the entire competition revolved around the peacock, the national bird of India. The criteria for judging were: choice of design, colour combination, cleanliness and overall effectiveness. It was judged by various faculty members. As Fashion had successfully met all these criterion, they were declared the winners!