Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Universities have always been a place where the Joiedevivre of creativity is celebrated. It is a place where one can indulge in experiences which are unique. Places of learning have always strived to give flight to thought and experience. Workshops are a prime medium to gather knowledge about a subject.

From November 1st to the 5th 2009, a workshop in the ancient art of pottery is being held at the Manipal University, Dubai Campus. The workshop will be held between 9am and 3pm on the aforementioned days. The second edition of this workshop will be conducted by Mr. Sundeep Manchekar, an experienced potter from India. Unlike the first edition, which was in basic pottery, this edition will feature more advanced techniques such as glazing. However, novices should not be filled with trepidation as basic level skills will also be taught on 2nd and 3rd of November. As learning never ceases, the advanced level will be taught on all the 5 days.

Faculty members are also invited to this event, a session will be held for the respected members on Saturday, 31 October 2009 between 10am to 1pm. Transport will be provided by the management and pre registration is required.

An opportunity awaits all, as entry is open to all students. Aspiring potters to individuals with curiosity are all welcome. A fee of AED 300 is required as registration. This workshop may allow some of the participants to create their own version of the pottery scene from the film ‘Ghost’, create pieces which will do the cultures of antiquity proud or just experiment and get their hands dirty.

For further details please contact Ms. Indira Barve, faculty in charge or e-mail her at

By Keegan Gerald Pereira