Monday, November 2, 2009

On Thursday, the 29th of October, 2009, Mathematika was held in our Auditorium. The winners of the preliminary round for the Mathematika battled it out in the finals.

There were seven teams in total, two from the Engineering Department and five other teams from BSC Information Systems Management and Department of Management Studies.

Mrs. Seena Biju, faculty from the Department of Management  Studies was the host of the event. Her energetic voice was enough to generate excitement among the faculty, students and the participants.

Mrs. Seena Biju, faculty from the Department of Management  Studies hosts Mathematika Quiz
(Photo Credits: Stacey Pinto)

The Mathematika was divided into five rounds with the first round beginning successfully. Round two was a new category known as the ‘Math crossword puzzle.’ Being the brain twister that it was, the audience, the contestants as well as the faculty enjoyed themselves, giving the answers. However that ended with two teams being eliminated.

Round three was known as ‘Pick.1.’ Here the teams had to pick one option from many math subjects. This ended with only the last three teams standing. Round four was also one, where a choice had to be made, this time among the different Departments of the University.

Finally the last three teams fought their way through the Final round - the Rapid Fire. The pressure was palpable. In the confusion of difficult questions thrown and rapidly passing seconds, many questions were left unanswered.

Soon the time ran out, marks were allotted and the results were finalized into the following:

1st place -Mir Hassan and Akhil Madan- 3rd year students from the Department of Management Studies
2nd place - Joshua and Rahul- 3rd year students from BSC Information Systems Management
3rd place - Sameer and Zainab- 1st year students from the Engineering Department

Proud winners of the Mathematika Quiz: Mir Hassan and Akhil Madan from the Department of Management  Studies
(Photo Credits: Stacey Pinto)

The winners of the Mathematika were overjoyed. “The questions were tough. We were at the edge of our seats the entire time. We just want to thank our Head of Department and the faculty for their support,” said Mir Hassan, from the Department of Management Studies.

“Winning the runners up position was so unexpected. Ms. Seena Biju kept pushing us to take part in the quiz, we are so happy with the result.” said Joshua, one of the runners up of the Mathematika.

By Sonya Mathias