Monday, November 2, 2009

The Pottery Workshop organised by the Dept. of Interior Design, which is being orchestrated by Mr Sundeep Manchekar, a man who has a passion for the clay begun today.

1st November 2009 was the first day of the workshop; this day entailed three classes which were spilt into 3 separate rooms. You had the senior most room (Advanced Level 2), constructing and molding of relief patters, this was thematic based. The other classrooms were for second year students (Advanced level 1) and the final room was a mixture of final and second year students. Advanced 1 differed from Advanced 2 in the manner of it being of a different theme (Islamic mural, Advanced 2 original theme). Materials was different between the levels as the lower level advanced had thinner slabs to work on and their was more technical conformity as compared to Advanced 2 which had more of a gung ho attitude.

Students on Day One of the Pottery Workshop

All pottery was done individually and the students were being graded with the 2nd years being marked for their History and Humanities courses and the 3rd year students for their product specialization.

The Manipal faculty in charge of the workshop, Mrs. Indira Bavre displayed the Kiln which she says is “kept standing at the temperature of 900 degrees Celsius for 12 hours and a further 12 hours to cool down”. She added with a bright colored apron that “The Kiln is fairly large in size and can hold up to 30 mugs or plates.” Fans of the movie ‘Ghost’ will be pleased to know that the pottery wheel will begin its revolutions on the 3rd of November. The 4th day of the workshop also has the construction of a large jewellery box.

Basic techniques for the novices will be taught on the 2nd of November. As the Kiln burns so shall our reporting for these next few days.

By Keegan G. Pereira and Amartojit Basu