Monday, November 2, 2009

For media junkies everywhere-(whether you are a media person, student or just a hard core media enthusiast) there’s a new way to quench your thirst of the media world - The Media Production Magazine.

Launched around the beginning of this year, Media Production (MP) is a monthly magazine that proudly states that it is the first magazine for creatives in the Middle East, on its website (

The Magazine consists of media worthy content- such as media persons, latest events, institutes and media software and equipment in U.A.E.

The Magazine not only gives equal importance to all forms of media- such as video, print, audio etc. but even the advertisements displayed are related to media (in terms of equipment, media events, media outlets and institutes etc)

In its latest (fourth) issue (Sept-Oct. 09) Media Production heavily informed its readers about all the media events which have taken place and are about to take place as the issue focused on helping media creatives choose their right career path.

Events such as GITEX 09’, IBDAA Awards and The Media and Marketing Show 09’ were given focus to.
Available in 120 locations across the U.A.E, Media Production is available for purchase at bookstores such as ‘Borders’ (DIFC, Marina), Books Plus (Greens, Umm Saquim) and Superstores such as West Zone and Union Co-op, as well as plenty of other locations.

Those interested in universities and at work, can also subscribe to the magazine by simply downloading the subscription form (on their website, link provided above) and sending it to, or by just subscribing directly on their website.

For those unsure, there is a trial subscription available, where you can get three issues free.

Media Production is a great magazine for those who want to be constantly updated about the media issues happening in the nation. Universities especially, can benefit from it, as students can learn about various other institutes and competitions to challenge their creativity, and increase their knowledge.

The Editor, Ali Sultan, keenly writes in his editorial, ‘Use the maze on our cover (referring to the picture of a maze on the cover of the magazine) and discover the various ways you have to find your path that will enhance your creativity.’

We hope you give it a read and enhance your creativity!

Stacey Pinto