Friday, November 6, 2009

The Special Needs Family (SNF) Children Development Centre commenced operations in April 2007 as an extension of the Special Needs Families Support Group in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Centre is a dedicated facility for young adults with special needs, who would like to enhance their lives by contributing to the community in their own special way. Qualified and certified staff members assist in escalating their integration in mainstream society by imparting training, specific to every individual’s potential and vocational needs.

The official poster that entails the activities at the Fun Bazaar on 6th November 2009 which aims to support the SNF

The SNF organization creates a podium where the children’s interact and display their creativity. This initiative provides an opportunity for their families to understand the difficulties they face and also serves as a meeting point.

The SNF’s annual event is the Fun Bazaar, which is being held today on 6th November 2009 at the Sheraton Deira Hotel, from 10 am to 9 pm. Various activities like Magic shows, Harley Davidson Bike Rides, a Fashion Show by our college students along with children with special needs, food court, raffle draws, lots of products sold below the market price, games stall, on the spot prizes are few of the main attractions of Fun Bazaar.

Our very own Fashion Department will be taking part in the Fashion show that will be held at the Fun Bazaar. Mr. Kailash, a faculty member of the Fashion Department said, “Manipal got involved with the SNF organization about three years ago, when they had contacted us and asked us if we would be interested in involving ourselves with this noble cause”.

Students busy with preparations before the big day
(Photo Credit: Deepa Narwani)

The Fashion Department has its preparations for the event in full swing. The first and second years are involved in the designing of the costumes for the event. “These children are the models and also other models escort them on the ramp. Our students design the clothes that they would be wearing. This gives the children an opportunity to increase their level of confidence and gives them equal recognition.” said Mr. Kailash.

“The theme for the event is Sweet Factory. So we have planned a chocolaty feeling for the clothes and they are going to quite colorful. We are also planning on using sweets like candies and jelly beans on the garments.” said Leena Chapru, a first year from the Fashion Department.

“In addition to the preparations being done by our juniors, last year's Fashinova garments are also going to be used for the show.” added Manisha Sadhwani, a 3rd year Fashion Department student.

Here’s wishing good luck to all the participants and hoping that the SNF members have memorable day.

By Deepa Narwani