Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pink Floyd was a progressive rock band formed in the 1960s rising to fame with their psychedelic rock music. They released their first studio album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, in 1967. They had decent measures of success with their following albums but, not until their sixth studio album did they catapult to fame.

The Dark Side of the Moon was released in 1973 and is amongst the most successful rock albums ever produced. It remained on the Billboard 200 for 741 weeks (14 years), the longest for any album in history. Each song in the album is a continuation of the previous track. The range of music on this one album really highlights the band’s amazing creativity. It contains a conventional rock track, in Money and then moves onto a soulful opera in The Great Gig in the Sky. Money has been the most commercially successful track of the album.

It is an album not to be over looked by any fan of the rock genre. It is one of the most unique albums ever made. It is not an album to be heard, it is one to be experienced. It is available in the U.A.E at all Virgin Megastore outlets for AED 110.

By Jeraz Pastakia