Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 2nd edition of the Pottery Workshop conducted by the Interior Design Department from the 1st to the 5th of November 2009 was a grand success. The workshop was conducted by the renowned Ceramic Designer and Pottery Expert, Mr. Sandeep Manchekar from Mumbai, India. The workshop was conducted in three distinct stages.

Mr. Sandeep Manchekar with a second year student on the pottery wheel

The Basic Workshop for the 1st Year BA ID students introduced the students to various hand building techniques including the pinch technique, slab technique and coil technique. The students created various accessories using the above techniques during the workshop which included toys, boxes and utility based accessories.

The Advanced Level - 1 workshop was conducted for the 2nd Year BA ID students and students of the 3rd Year BA ID Business Specialization. The students learnt various techniques and created tiles using Islamic Patterns and concepts from Nature. They learnt various under-glaze and on-glaze coloring techniques on the sun dried tiles. The students also created a series of pyramid shaped candle stands and finally got hands on experience on the use of the pottery wheel.

Advanced glazing techniques being demonstrated

The Advanced Level - 2 workshop was conducted for the 3rd Year BA ID Product Design Specialization students. They created tiles using complex designs and also learnt the process of designing relief work and patterns on tiles. The students learnt the technique of preparing moulds for mass manufacture of tiles. They also learnt advanced glaze techniques including application of gold paint. They worked independently on the pottery wheel and created some interesting pieces.

Pieces created using pinch and coil technique

The Pottery Workshop was a grand success for the ID Department as there was a cohesive creative atmosphere where, both students and teachers were totally involved.

Courtesy Dept. of Interior Design