Thursday, November 12, 2009

The revival of bittersweet memories, the reminder of the talent that not long ago existed, this is the impact ‘This Is It’ has on its viewers. Directed by Kenny Ortega, ‘This is it’ was released in an attempt to recover the losses of the concert that Michael Jackson would have performed, had fate not snatched him away from this world.

It’s a documentary that consists of the late pop star’s concert rehearsals and behind the scene shots. The movie that is running in cinemas for two weeks only, raises the curtains on the true making of the 50 concert comeback tour.

It is a must see for all MJ fans

It also documents teary remembrance messages from his troupe as well as some of Jackson’s personal moments with his crew and the fan following that the supernova had.

‘This is it’ is meant for the hardcore MJ fans, for those who wish to hum along while they see the star in his last days. It truly brings back fond memories and makes the audience grieve as they remember the man who gave his heart and soul to music. A must see if you wish to pay tribute to the ethereal star for the last time.

By Disha Laungani