Sunday, December 20, 2009

With a rise in the number of environmental issues, we see an equal rise in the number of efforts being made to prevent these. From universities to international organizations, the struggles are plenty, in order to try and stop this phenomenon.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is one such massive convention held for major countries to gather and discuss how to make a revolutionizing difference for Mother Nature and her climate.

This is the 15th conference being held, better known as COP15, is held in Denmark, Copenhagen and had been going on from the 7th till the 18th.

The ambition of the Danish government is that the COP15 conference in Copenhagen will result in an ambitious global agreement including all the countries of the world.

This conference is one of the largest international political conferences ever being held in Denmark has over 192 countries participating. Governmental representatives from 170 countries are expected to be in Copenhagen in the days of the conference accompanied by other governmental representatives, NGO's, journalists and others. In total approximately 8000 people are currently attending the Copenhagen Conference.

The Danish Government has taken upon themselves the responsibility create common ground for a coherent global response to this challenge.

Some of the countries participating in this convention are: Australia, Canada, Greece, USA, Belgium etc.

As said before there is an ever increasing rate of environmental issues today. Fossil fuels cannot be used in the same way as they could be, global warming is a greater than ever threat and there are countless measures undertaken of finding alternate sources of energy. This conference is a way of acting up today, rather than waiting for tomorrow, to make a definite difference, one country at a time.

By Stacey Pinto