Friday, December 11, 2009

The three day ‘Young Journalists Awards Open Workshop’ at Madinat Jumeirah concluded today, i.e. Friday, 11th December 2009. A part of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), these proved to be a wealth of knowledge for budding journalists.

The final session was a discussion on the emerging trends of journalism and how young journalists will have to adapt themselves to cater to the changing needs of their audiences. The session commenced with a brief explanation of the term blog and how the new media has developed to become one of the most important news sources these days. This trend has marked a shift in the reading habits of the audiences, especially because internet has become the most easily accessible medium. With the accessibility of internet on cell phones, the task of reading or adding of news can be done while on rounds. Therefore, these days while showcasing news stories is vital, the opinions and comments of various bloggers have become quite a common sight.

The speakers, Scott Macaulay and Colin Brown, briefed the audiences on the usage of blogs and gave valuable tips on good writing for the web. In addition to this, they also provided an insight into the industry and what are the needs of the audiences these days. As blogging has become common, there are various news sources available. Therefore, in such a situation it is imperative to promote our writing. Tips to promote our writing were also given by the speakers.

Mr. Scott Macaulay & Mr. Collin Brown

Mr. Scott mentioned that journalists today are challenged to come up with new and innovative ways to hold their audience because more and more people are interested in online videos than print. It has become extremely easy for people to upload videos, a good example being YouTube.

At the end, a question-answer session with the speakers gave the audience an opportunity to ask or clear queries pertaining to the present journalistic scenario. This gave the speakers a chance to talk more about the real world situations and what could be done about it.

Speakers addressing the audience

The workshops, which discussed different topics each day, proved to be advantageous particularly for the student body who had attended them. We got an idea as to how the industry works and not only in U.A.E. but also in the USA and UK. It gave us a much closer look at the industry we aspire to work with.

By Nafisa Zaki & Rabiya Sonde