Sunday, January 3, 2010

On 21st December 2009, the Department of Management studies held an interdepartmental quiz competition, titled ‘The Business Quiz’ that largely dealt with business and management concepts.

Out of eight teams, only six qualified to the final rounds after a preliminary elimination after which only two teams surfaced as finalists at the end of the event.

The Quiz comprised of five rounds which were labeled as General Management, Current Affairs, Mascot and logo identity, Advertisements and slogan identity and Personality identity respectively. “It was surprising to see how the Media students understood and answered difficult management concepts with such ease,” said Ms. Seena Biju, faculty from the Department of Management Studies.

“On the other hand, the Management students did very well in the advertising round which the Media students failed to surpass.” entailed Ms. Biju.

The zealous audience encompassed of students and faculty from various departments of Manipal University, Dubai who came to view and cheer for their favorite teams. “Besides the contestants of the quiz, the audiences actively participated as well. Unlike other quizzes which are monotonous and boring, our Business quiz was fun!” said Ms. Shazia Khan, moderator of the event.

The winning team that consisted of Ratnesh Kansal and Pulkit Goyal (3rd years- The Department of Management studies) had a quite a remarkable lead compared to the runner-ups. “Its feels great, winning a quiz for my department.” said Ratnesh Kansal, 3rd year student from Department of Management Studies.

While, the runner-up positions went to Amartojit Basu and Jeraz Pastakia (3rd Media and Communication students). “It has been an amazing experience. As a Media student I did not expect to win, competiting was quite a challenge.” said Amartojit Basu. While, Jeraz Pastakia adds, “It was an exceptionally good experience.”

The winners and runner up were awarded gift vouchers worth AED 100 and AED 50 from Centre Point and Giordano respectively.

The Results:

Ratnesh Kansal & Pulkit Goyal (3rd years- The Department of Management studies)

Amartojit Basu & Jeraz Pastakia (3rdyears-The Department of Media and Communication)

By Megna Kalvani