Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally, three weeks of holidaying has eventually ended for us. Dying in a way ‘forever’! This is our final opportunity as students of the Print Media Specialization batch to post on our ever running weblog.

The vacations were just like any other ‘long weeks’ of ‘no work’ and ‘all play’. It was a good chance for the entire blog team to take a break from our hectic academic lifestyles and finally catch up and relax. Lazing about and lounging around were our daily companions, a chance to indulge in forgotten pastimes like swimming or listening to some good music. The deadlines of last semester which bore down on our spirit gave way to freedom and idleness.

While some few crept away to their homes by flying (I meant aero planes guys, no aliens or wings, and certainly not both at the same time!) the remaining did the most obvious i.e. tending to the ‘devil’s workshop’. After all, this is our final year- one year which most of us would like to remember for the fullest and longest possible extent ever.

I am pretty sure most of my classmates slept till noon (as I literally started waking up at 12 during the last few days) and relaxing in the coolness of the waves of free time (I did a lot of online television watching -good times!) some even found the time to cook as per their Mom’s wishes and obviously ‘we girls’ being girls had another go at shopping till we dropped out packets!

Rejuvenated after three weeks of fun, the Print Media Specialization Batch of 2010 is all set to give you even more stories of ‘Fun Dubai’ and Good Ole’ Happening DIAC.

Even though we might not have performed the ritual of updating, over the past few weeks, we didn’t perish. And nor did we let the blog perish either!

We aimed at bringing in stories from all over DIAC, as well as the University last semester! Eventually, we managed to encapsulate the opening of the Dubai Metro and of course, the grand Dubai International Film Festival while also managing two stories on the Noble Peace Prize and a book review also! This being our last shot as students of Print we are aiming at something similar and possibly even more to get across to you!

Concluding this Introductory Note, I would love to thank each and every person at Media Department, Manipal University-Dubai Campus for teaching and we are grateful to them for their skills, patience and dedication as well as knowledge.

So do hang in there guys and keep checking out this space more, for all you know, we might just turn around and surprise y’all for once!

Signing off….

Editor -of –the- week, Shravani Chatterji


Unknown said...

I would be lying if I said your post did not rock. So good job! (Which reminds me, now that I've finally read some of your written work I can humbly hand over some of my English composition papers that are due soon :P)