Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inviting articles and various contributions for the College Magazine

Any interesting piece which is an original is most welcome…

Real Life experiences


New Information



Comic Strips

Photographs of your artwork


Sketches of various kinds

Portrait paintings and many more to add life to the magazine
All work can be in English, Hindi and Arabic but has to be truly ORIGINAL.
All contributions must be submitted by 15th February.

Mail them to:

Additionally, you are invited to suggest a name for the College Magazine.

Come up with a unique and suitable name for the soon to be published college magazine and get noticed.
The Magazine will feature you in the first issue of the college magazine – with your photograph and a message from you.
You are allowed to send as many Names as you can to

All the best and hope you will help make this magazine a great success.

                                                                       By Megna Kalvani