Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Among the many successful firsts, the Student Hub organized yet another fun filled event for students to showcase their talents.

With over 300 spectators to the event, DIAC’s GOT TALENT was a definite triumph, held on 25th February 2010 exclusively open to DIAC students to flaunt off their abilities when it came to 
beat-boxing, dancing, singing and DJing. The event was held in DIAC’s recreation room between 11.00 am to 2.30 pm.

“We received a strong response from the students in DIAC and so we held auditions in order to shortlist the most talented of them all. It was a tough choice as each student was talented in their own way,” said  Shakoufeh Kakipour, Head of Student Hub Representative Council.
For the first time we have added beat boxing in our categories as per the student’s request and we are already planning for DIAC Got Talent 2, with more talent categories and more performers.” she added.

Two groups from every category displayed their talents and whilst the event did not have any winners, it still proved to be an excellent mode to parade a variety of talents on a single platform. Performers were given vouchers from Desert chill ice cream and refreshing cold coffees from Nescafe were handed out to performers and spectators of the event.

"It was very well organized and a great way to expose our individual talents." said Roshan Sami Chikodi, a participant representing Manipal UniversityDubai.
The audiences were also undoubtedly left entertained. ‘The music was amazing and I enjoyed the dances.’ said Sadaf, a student from Herriot Watt who attended the event.

The Student Hub was especially pleased with the huge turnout for the event and was proud to provide a successful front for students to display their talents.

“At the Student Hub, we have realized the vast amount of potential and talent that our students have and we would like to organize more events like these for our students to showcase their extraordinary capabilities.” said Ms. Shazadi Durrani, Student Service Co-ordinator, Student Hub.

Host Ms.Fara (Heriott Watt) introduces the talented participants.

   'Bunkers': Dance group I representing Manipal University

Participants and audiences dance to the beat of the DJ's

Mangal and Roshan Sami Chikodi beat box together.

Roshan Sami Chikodi and Yelanska Luis: Dance Group II representing Manipal University.

Student Hub representatives and DJ's

Students register for DIAC Got Talent.

Engaged spectators

Students pose with vouchers from Desert Chill  Ice-creams.

Article by Megna Kalvani
Photos By Luvlyn Prem and Neha Kalvani