Thursday, March 11, 2010

Manipal University Dubai celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March, with élan. The event was organized by the final year Advertising students of B.A. (Media & Communications).
The event took place in the auditorium and began with a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran.

Muriel D’sa, the host for the day, spoke about the importance of Women’s Day and requested the guest speakers present, to share their views on the occasion.
Mrs.Pikki Nanda, the H.R. manager of Makkita Gulf Trading FZE, interacted with the audience and explained that values such as motivation and determination are pillars for the spirit of women. She then saluted all the women in the room for standing up to those values.

Other guest speakers of the event included the founders of the Women to Women Foundation - Ms. Zareen Khan and Ms.Clarissa.
Ms. Zareen Khan addressed the audience by thanking men for their support and for always being there for women.
The foundation organizes events where women can explore their talents and stresses on the fact that all women are beautiful no matter what their size or age is.
Tokens of appreciation were then distributed to the guest speakers and this was followed by a cake cutting ceremony.

The opening ceremony was followed by a day long carnival where fun filled competitions and games were held for every one to participate in. Games such as Carom, Lucky draws, Basket-the-ball and Pyramid Fall were enthusiastically played by all and the winners were awarded with gifts and vouchers.

The audiences were entertained with music, played by the in house DJ’S.
Sponsors of the event such as London Dairy and Redbull provided ice creams and drinks throughout the day.
Saniya Khan, a student of the Interior Design Department who attended the event said, “The event was really well organized. There was good music being played and the nail art stall really caught my attention.”

Mrs. Seena Biju, a faculty from the BBA Department, said, “It was a nice break from the routine. The positive side of the event was that it was fun but it could definitely have been much better. An effort is an effort which should be appreciated and the event was enjoyable and the stalls were good.”

Mrs.Radhika, the faculty in charge for the event said, “It was amateur work which turned out to be excellent. The students tried their level best to show their talent but there is still a lot to learn. Their concept was really innovative and they had a lot of energy and thinking involved throughout. Even though there was a shortage of time, they went about it systematically. All the best to the students for their future efforts”.

Muriel D’sa, the host for the event said, “It was an amazing experience. Right from the start till the finish we tried to pull it off as best as we could. Both our sponsors and the university were highly supportive and helpful. The feedback was also quite good. My co-teammates did a great job and I would like to thank the Media 3rd year students for their support of the event.”
All in all, the day was definitely a memorable one!

Mrs.Pikki Nanda, addressing the audience.

Ms.Zareen Khan addressing the audience.

Cake-cutting ceremony.

The audience

The Henna stall

Administration and students enjoying the event.

By Deepa Narwani
Photos By Nilofar Khatib and Kevin Sebastian