Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mohammed Saeed Harib’s Journey to Success

FREEJ, an entertaining 3D animation series, created by an Emarati National, Mohammed Saeed Harib, is the first of its kind to enter the Dubai media industry sweeping a wave of innovation in the local market.

Mohammed Saeed Harib, the 33rd most influential Arabic leader gave a motivating speech to the student body of DIAC (Dubai International Academic City) at SP Jain Center of Management on 10 March, 2010.

The 31 year old, met with success after years of struggle, but his dream kept him going. As Mohammed Saeed Harib says “The beauty of success does not lie in the victory, but the pain you take for the victory.”

He started his career in Dubai Media City, after finishing his bachelors in Arts and Animation in Boston, U.S.A. “Being a student with good grades does not always help, some people are ‘late bloomers’ but can do wonders.” he added.

Mohammed gave up Architecture and decided to study Arts, which is where he started building up a goal. With a dream in his head and knowledge in hand, he came back to Dubai where he started his career in Dubai Media City.

He urged students to gain as much knowledge as they can. “You know the art, but when you know the software, it just adds to the creativity,” he says.

In Dubai Media City he made contacts and nurtured his dream of making the first ever animation series called FREEJ which is about his grandmother who he feels is much more strong willed than any of her male counterparts.

FREEJ is a story of women power, in a male dominated environment, which makes it special and also adds to the seriousness.
When asked about his inspiration, Mohammed said “I do not want to be inspired by any one person or culture, but all of them as that would make me enjoy everything.”

At the end of this inspiring session he gave a special message to the students of Manipal University saying, “Believe in yourself, follow your dreams, do not lose sight and never be scared of making mistakes.”
“The world is all about give and take, give your talents and take in knowledge from wherever you get it.”

By Nafisa Zaki