Sunday, March 14, 2010

Megna Kalvani

Manipal University’s very own Megna Kalvani, a final year Print student from B.A. (Media and Communications) has been chosen to intern with TECOM DIAC Student Hub.

We managed to catch hold of the busy Journalism major for a peek into her internship experience.
Q: Tell us how this opportunity came about?

A: I’ve been working with DIAC Student Hub since 2008. I started out as a volunteer for events organized by the Student Hub and I gradually became a member of the Student Representative Council for which I was in charge of the Media Activities that was required for any student event. Currently I’m the Executive Manager of the Student Representative Council.

Q: What responsibilities and duties do you have as a TECOM intern?

A: There are several duties assigned to me some of them being organizing on-campus events as well as design posters, photography and writing press releases/reports for these, I schedule meetings and I try to help to maintain a constant stream of communication between students as well as event programmers and organizers. Being an intricate part of the Student Council, our main aim is to organize events and make our campus a livelier place.

Q: What are a few events you’ve been involved with?

A: Too many to mention, Week of Welcome (2008; 2009), Band Fusion (2009), DIAC’s Got Talent (2010), Red Bull Bike Show (2010).

Q: What events can we look forward to, this quarter?

A: There was the talk with Mohammed Saeed Harib, the Creator of FREEJ as part of the DIAC ‘CEO HOT SEAT’. There’s also Open Day to look forward to, where we will bring together a host of Universities for new students. Earth Hour is also coming up, where we will try and bring about a pronounced difference in poor environmental conditions. These and lot more events that you’ll just have to wait and watch out for, so make sure you keep your calendars free!

Q: Tell us about the perks of being a TECOM intern.

A: The job is fun, the people are very friendly. I have a lot of opportunities to socialize with different people, both students and otherwise. I get to apply my skills that I have learnt as a Media student, enabling me to gain experience in a working environment.

Megna Kalvani plans to pursue her Masters in Journalism, and she believes her experience with TECOM will give her an edge in the competitive field of the media.
We wish her the very best in her endeavors.

                                                                                                                                      By Blassy Boben