Friday, April 9, 2010

Manipal University organized its 9th Blood Donation Campaign on the 4th and 5th of April 2010. This campaign was undertaken by the Blood Donation Centre at Al Wasl Hospital and was held in the University’s auditorium from 9am to 3pm. The students from the Biotechnology Department volunteered to take charge of the event, helping the donors in any way possible.

Students being tested

Besides meeting the normal requirements of hemoglobin and weight range, every person’s blood pressure, vital signs and medical history will be taken in account before allowing him/her to donate blood. Biji John, a Laboratory Technician at the Al Wasl Hospital said, “An average person can donate blood every 56 days. We take about 450ml of blood from every individual; however you will have to make sure to pass through the regular standards.”
 Students filling up necessary forms before donating blood

Blood donation is not only helpful to those who are in need, but is also extremely beneficial to the donors in several ways.
Blood donation can help in the:
- Activation of bone marrow to produce fresh blood cells
- It also activates the heart muscles and circulation, thereby reducing the incidence of heart attacks
- It reduces blood pressure and the level of blood cholesterol
- It aids heavy smokers by reducing the hemoglobin level in the blood.

“First and foremost, donating blood is a humanitarian act to help people. And secondly it helps you, because when you give in blood, your body will compensate by producing new blood cells, which is extremely advantageous for you,” says Dr. Rena from the Donation Centre at the Al Wasl Hospital.

For those who were worried about the pain involved in the blood donation process, Anwar, a laboratory Technician present there, said, “We have started giving donors 0.5ml of local anesthesia. In this way donors will not feel any pain at all while donating blood.”

Regarding the number of donors who attended, Mrs. Renuka Seenivasan, the faculty from the Biotechnology Department who was in charge of the event said, “The turnout is almost in par with last semester. Around 140 people showed up and donated blood for a good cause.”
Tanvi from Interior Design Department said, “I was denied once because of being underweight, but I have been donating blood for the last two years. Everybody should make an attempt as it is a big help to people who need it.”
Blood Donation is very important as it is a great help for those people who need it. For cases like Thalassemia and Leukemia as well as those involved in accidents and other surgeries, donating blood helps people everyday. It is a quick, easy and painless process helping donors as well others in need.

The Biotechnology Department volunteers,
Mrs. Uma Prasad and the team from the Blood Donation Centre at AlWasl Hospital

Article and Photos by Sonya Mathais