Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Department of Interior Design organized an exhibit that showcased the creativity and talent of the Product Design specialization students. The exhibition titled ‘The Walk’ was held on April 1, 2010 between 11 am to 3 pm and was inaugurated by Dr. Mohammed Firoz, Chair of the Media Department along with Mr. Pandey, head of the ISM department.
 Dr. Mohammed Firoz inaugurating the exhibition

The exhibition consisted of various photographs and sculptures that revealed the hidden talent of every student. The exhibition revolved around distinct themes such as shadows, lighting, textures and feelings. Every student was asked to visit the Bastakiya, select a subject and click its photograph after every hour in order to understand how lighting and shadows play an important role in photography. Along with this assignment, students were also asked to feel different surfaces and then sculpt models based on the various textures and feelings that they experienced. The best photographs and models of the students were displayed at this exhibition.
Student work displaying different textures

Shadows and lighting at play

Besides the central themes, the exhibition also consisted of other creative photographs of windows, stairways and doors. The Walk was truly filled with enthralling originality and imagination. The sculptures especially, were uniquely designed and yet creatively managed to put their message across captivating every onlooker’s interest.
The unique and thought provoking sculptures

Dr. Ashok Iyer, the chair of the Interior Design department said, “For our students of the Product Design Specialization I would call this as a culmination of their experiences of what they have gone through. From the perspective of looking at it as a simple creative process, they have taken a theme of the Bastakiya and how they have documented their process is what we can see in this whole exhibition.”

Article and Photos by Disha Laungani