Monday, May 3, 2010

Campus Radio ME (CRME) is the UAE’s first infotainment student online radio that looks to authorize the student population of the UAE and grow into a representative body that voices out, looks out for and entertains the high school and university level students of the UAE, both the expat and local.

The idea of bringing about the first student online radio came across Ritesh Jeswani’s mind, a final year Media and Communication student in 2009. After a lot of hard work, he along with BBA final year student Muhammed Ali Jamadar, came about with Campus Radio ME. Truly not an easy task it took them almost a year to create and design this unique concept and April 9, 2010 marked the inauguration of this new initiative by Ritesh and Muhammed Ali.

CRME (Campus Radio Middle East) does 3 live shows, 5 days a week from Saturday to Wednesday, and separate shows on the weekends. However, CRME’s weekday differs from that of conventional radio. "The weekdays are between Saturday and Wednesday, and our weekend segment is Thursday and Friday", says Ritesh, co founder of Campus Radio ME. Being a radio station for students each show represents a different time of a student’s daily life along with varied tastes in music.

The shows aired on Campus Radio ME are :

The Student Wire:

Hosted by Muhammed Ali ‘Mali’ J, The Student Wire which runs from 7pm – 9pm, on the weekdays. The show highlights daily student related issues where it takes a look at serious student issues in lighter vein, highlighting their importance yet entertaining the listeners. Music played during this show usually falls into the Indie Rock, Alternative Rock and Popular Culture genres.

The Happy Hours:

Hosted by Lena ‘AJ’ Al Jamal, Happy Hours runs from 9pm – 11pm, on the weekdays. During this time Lena plays the latest and most popular music while throwing down the most recent happenings in the world of Celebrity gossip and popular culture.

The Curfew:

Hosted by Ritesh ‘Whitecrayon’ Jeswani, and runs from 11pm – 1am, on the weekdays. Finally, in the late hours of the night, Ritesh will play a mellow playlists designed to keep the student calm, relaxed and zen like as some of them go to sleep, while others prepare to burn the midnight oil on assignments.

Weekend Warm Up:

Hosted by Noorah ‘Nano’ Nasrallah, and runs from 7pm – 9pm, on the weekends. In their first weekend segment, Nano preps the listeners for what’s in store for them on the weekend and the following week. From concerts, to shows, to mall activities and seminars, Nano has it all.

Yafei Style:

Ahmed Yafei, an award – winning music producer who has worked with artists such as Craig David, Pitbull and David Guetta, hosts this once a week show, which airs on Thursday between 9pm – 11pm. In it, the local producer plays his mixes and charms the listeners.

Up Your Bandwidth:

In their Saturday morning segment, Muhammed Ali ‘Mali’ J and Shayrie Ganglani speak, discuss and make mockery of technology and its advances.

It’s not even a month old, and Campus Radio ME has received an outstanding response from the students. Ritesh and his team only hope that the success story continues.

By Mrudvi Bakshi