Monday, May 3, 2010

The final year students of BA Media & Communications, specializing in Print Media, visited the headquarters of Khaleej Times, in Al Qouz, Dubai, U.A.E on Monday, 26 April, 2010.

The students were first taken to the editorial room, where they were introduced to Ms.Gita Rajan, the editor of City Times. She explained how City Times is divided into two sections: Local news features and syndicated and wired content.

She then introduced the students to Ms.Sushmita Bose, the editor of the Wknd Magazine. She explained the entire process from when the articles are submitted and when the magazine goes for printing. Mr. Roberto, from the design team, showed us the layout & designing aspect of the magazine.

The students then met Mr.Bikram Vohra, the Editorial Advisor to Khaleej Times. Mr.Vohra is a renowned journalist who has over 37 years’ experience and over 22,000 articles in more than 100 newspapers and magazines to his credit. He told us to keep two important things in mind while entering the field: Specialization is important and the more you write the more better you get.

Then the students were taken to the Printing room where the electronic copies are converted into printing plates. They also visited the printing press and learnt about offset printing.

Towards the end of the visit they met Mr. Patrick Michael, the Associate Editor of Khaleej Times, who also gave the students the advice that the more you write the better you get and was supportive of student contributions to the paper. The students also met Mr. Isaac John, a senior journalist specializing in the Business beat.

The whole experience was truly enriching as the students got to learn the process of how a newspaper essentially works and are truly thankful to the entire team of Khaleej Times for their wonderful hospitality.

The students with Mr. Bikram Vohra

With Mr. Patrick Michael

The Printing Press

The process of printing plates being explained

Article by Deepa Narwani
Photographs by Nafisa Zaki