Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010, saw the most talented crop of Manipal students accumulating in one place to display their prowess. Held at The Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai, this edition of the Manipal Annual Talent’s Day, was a resounding success. 
The event kick started with the launch of the much awaited ‘Manipal Pulse’ – The Manipal Dubai Yearbook. The yearbook was unveiled on stage by Dr. Vinod Bhat, Dr. Ramjee, Mrs. Uma Prasad and Mr Sabir Haque along with the Editorial team. The event was divided into three segments. The first segment sought to enchant the audience with eastern and western singing in both – the group as well as solo categories. The auditorium resounded with the melodies hummed by our talented students.
The next segment was intended to honour the theatrical arts of creative ads and dance. The creative ads competition was closely competed for by groups of student who used witty and hilarious plots to showcase their marketing skills. Not surprisingly, the First place was bagged by second year students of the BBA department.
In the duet and group dance categories, the students swayed in sync to the latest foot-tapping tunes. The group dance category in particular, saw students from different departments coming together to form a powerhouse of electrifying talent. Dances included two modernistic dance themes, and even a Michael Jackson tribute by the troupe that won laurels for the University at the Spring Fiesta Western Category.
The singing and duet dance segment was hosted by Haresh Harikumar (second year ISM) and Maria A.D (second year Media). The podium was handed over to Waqaar Ali Khan (Foundation) and Deepa (third year ID). The hosts were lively and kept the audience entertained with their silly antics.
Judges for the competition included Ms Rani of the radio 89.1 fame as well as Sinduja Sounderajan, a dancer, and Mrs. Arathi Ajay Prasad who is a management professional and a singer. All The categories were keenly competed for and choosing the best among the students was a tough task.
An awards ceremony was held to cumulatively appreciate winners of all inter-college co-curricular events that took place in this Academic Year. The glittering trophies were handed over to the students by our administration and judges.
The Manipal students and faculty came together to cheer on the participants in what turned out to be a highly enjoyable and the perfect way to end a weekend.  

Mrs. Uma Prasad addresses the audience

Dr. Ramjee with Dr. Vinod Bhat

Launching the Annual Yearbook

With the editorial team

Mr. Sabir Haque with Dr. Vinod Bhat

The judges: Ms. Sindhuja Sounderajan, Mrs.Arathi Ajay Prasad, Ms. Rani Mol

The anchors of the first segment - Haresh Harikumar and Maria A.D

The anchors of the second segment - Deepa Venkatraman and Waqar Ali Khan

The Group Singing Competition




The Solo Singing Competition



The Creative Ads Competition






Eastern Dance Competition 



Western Group Dance Competition


The Winners

Winners of the group singing competition: Arvind, Joshua, Shabnam, Roshan, Deepa and Gurpreet 

Runners up of the group singing competition: Sweta, Eshan, Bhavesh, Anita, Nandini, Gurpreet, Klarissa

Winners of the eastern dance competition, Sneha and Shabnam with Ms. Rani Mol

Runners up of the eastern dance competition, Sanjana and Sahiti with Ms. Rani Mol

Deepa Venkatraman, winner of the solo singing competition, receives the award from Mrs. Arathi Ajay Prasad

Mrs. Arathi hands over the award to Arvind Balan, runner up of the solo singing competition

Hemal. Adnan, Samantha and Jaseena - winners of the creative ads competition

Runners up of the creative ads- Irfan, Sanjana, Neetu and Sahiti

Winners of the western group dance competition - Arvind, Melwyn, Ron, Preeti, Malcolm, Abdullah and Khadija

Runners up of the western group dance - Sabrina, Klarissa, Donna and Saima

Hemal Vaya, who won the debate at Utsav receives an award from Dr. Ramjee

Alistan Cruz who secured the thrid position at the western solo singing competition at Utsav receives an award from
 Dr. Ramjee

Making the university proud - Dr. Ramjee with Alistan and Hemal.

Article by Blassy Boben
Photographs by Blassy Boben and Zaheen Hussain