Monday, October 18, 2010

The American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) will be inaugurating their event for the first time in Dubai on 18th October 2010, in the Manipal University Dubai auditorium in a program called “High Octane 2010”. The event is a platform provided for participants, to present their own ideas expressing support for the efficiency and effectiveness of power plants. This is an issue of concern among today’s generation, as how to save the earth and save maximum amount of resources for the future generation. 

There are around 60-70 delegates from ASHRAE who will be attending this event. The event is a series of lectures by distinguished professionals and followed by a student competition. 

Dr. Kota Reddy, Chairperson, Engineering Department, Manipal University Dubai says; “The main aspects of this event will be the competition between students which will bring out new alternatives and various ideas. This will be the first student charter to be organised in the Engineering Department. Another aspect will be the inauguration of the student branch for ASHRAE in Dubai. There will also be a lot of opportunities provided for internships to deserving students.”

Dr. Victor Goldschmidt, a professor of Purdue University in US, will be delivering a lecture at the event. The entire event is going to be a session of intellectual alternatives for conserving resources with the use of power plants and how effective can they be. 

“This is a one of a kind event which is taking place in the University and I am eagerly looking forward to this. Students from Manipal Dubai are participating in this event from the Engineering Department. I wish all the participants the very best of luck from my side.” said Dr. Kota Reddy.

Report by Zainab Das.