Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Students watching 'City of Life' at DIAC 'Week of Welcome'. Photo by Sonam Bhoneshwar
UAE’s first international Emirati feature film ‘City of Life’ directed by Emirati director Ali F. Mostafa had a special screening at the Dubai International Academic City this afternoon. The movie screening part of ‘Movie Mania’ was the highlight of the third day of the DIAC ‘Week of Welcome’. It was eagerly looked forward too by students – gearing up for yet another entertaining day. 

There was a huge rush outside the Recreation Room before the screening had begun. About 200 students waited in long queues to get entry to the screening hall, a testament to the popularity of the movie among the UAE student community. 

The film ‘City of Life’ focuses on the lives of three people living in Dubai and their experiences based on their dreams and how their lives are unknowingly intertwined with each other in this vibrant city.
The movie was selected by the organisers for the event Movie Mania – to showcase three movies, each in a different language.

Monisha Newton, a final year student of Manipal University Dubai appreciated the movie and was happy to be a part of the screening. She said that the movie was a good example of the lives of people in Dubai and the happenings out here. In addition, she liked the movie in terms of its cinematography as well. 

Another student of Manipal University Dubai, Gurjeet Kaur, a fresher stated that; “It is a good movie for people who have never lived in Dubai. It portrays the lifestyle of people living here and the dreams with which they come to Dubai.”

The overall response to the film was overwhelming with continuous loud cheers and applause by students who excitedly recognized their neighbourhoods, popular jaunts and friends in the movie showcasing Dubai. 

The film makers are giving UAE Designers / artists a chance to be a part of the DVD's mid November 2010 launch by entering the "City of Life DVD Design Competition" (This competition applies for all entries within the UAE only). If there is any student designer / artist up for the challenge - For more details visit their website or their Facebook page.

~by Sonam Bhoneshwar